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Episode 124 Pro – Melanie Griffin Interview, Part 2
Green Spirituality


It’s the Season One Finale of Faith, Fern & Compass! Join us for the second part of our exclusive two-part interview with Melanie Griffin, a former National Director of the Sierra Club, as she explores the role that her faith has played in her environmental work and how green spirituality is changing the shape of the conversation about the relationship between science and religion, environmentalism and politics.

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Preseason Episode 2 – The Spaciousness of Quiet


Enjoy a sneak peek of Faith, Fern & Compass Pro in a special preseason episode exploring the spiritual practice of silence in an age of noise and fury. In Preseason Episode 2 – The Spaciousness of Quiet, we explore the “unwanted sounds of everything we want” and why contemplative silence plays such an important role in cultivating a spiritual relationship with the natural world in an age of technological progress and digital distraction. How do we reclaim our bodies as sacred spaces, and what’s the relationship between sound, silence and spiritual connection with the physical world? We share stories from people both ancient and modern who’ve searched for ways to welcome silence into their lives and give the gift of quiet to others.

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