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Poverty, Nobility, and the Patron Saint of the Environment


Hildegard sees a direct link between Divinity, nature, and sacrality. No impassable chasm between God and creation in this woman’s theology. And for this reason, I’ve been rather boldly predicting that Hildegard, as a newly minted Doctor of the Church, could eventually even supplant Francis of Assisi as the patron saint of the environment. Francis’s feast day is October 4 — just three days before Hildegard’s elevation to Doctor of the Church — so it seems to me that maybe this month is the time for a sanctity smackdown, as we consider just who deserves to be the first among patron saints of nature (yes, it’s okay for there to be more than one).

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Episode 104 Pro – Home Sweet Home


In Episode 104 Pro – Home Sweet Home, we ask: what does it mean to be at home in the natural world? And how do we make our homes to provide both intimacy and vision in an increasingly mobile society? We take a look at the stories of people who are working to reclaim their sense of home amidst the clutter of the past and moving forward into a future where smaller spaces mean more freedom. Plus, how can “green” spirituality give us insights into creating meaningful, beautiful homes?

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