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Episode 216 Pro – Generations, Part 1


We look at the cyclical nature of growth and decay in ecology and human society. We begin by checking out the salmon who are now returning to the creek a couple of miles from our home here in Seattle — their life cycle, humanity’s role in destroying or restoring their hatching grounds, and what these fish can teach nascent religious communities concerned with sustaining a love of nature from one generation to the next. Then we turn from fish to the fishers of men: Christianity. The church is undergoing massive changes as it struggles to accommodate technological developments and rising environmental consciousness. We look at the theories from the emergent Christian movement, including Phyllis Tickle and Doug Pagitt, who think that larger cycles of social change, which have been at work for thousands of years, are driving the church’s development; and we talk about the implications of those social changes for other religious and spiritual groups, and for society at large.

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Episode 215 – Happy Halloween!


We revel in stories of creepy critters, cyborgs, zombies and vampires (including the gut-wrenching vampire squid that lurks in the abyss)! We find out why scary music freaks us out, and for all of our listeners looking forward with mingled dread and excitement to NaNoWriMo, we explore how to transform fear into freedom and anxiety into creativity. During an extended music break this week, we feature OMNIA’s live performance of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous work, “The Raven” — we promise you’ll never think of this poem the same way again! — and we wrap up the free portion of this week’s episode with some listener feedback that might just explain why cat people really are a little bit nuts. In our Pro Extension, we share the bone-chilling stories passed among homeless children living in Miami who claim to have seen a demon stalking the streets, one so evil she is feared even by Satan himself: Bloody Mary.

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