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Voting My Conscience


Our discussion has been so narrow, our mainstream discourse so dismissive of third party candidates and their platforms, that most voters don’t even know what questions they’re asking or which solutions they’re offering. When the only perspectives the gatekeepers allow to flood the national airwaves are those of Big Red and Big Blue, the only reaction left to many observers is to pick apart their positions, ignore their overwhelming similarities, and squabble over their minute differences.  But when a third, or fourth, or fifth, or five hundredth perspective is allowed to come forward, championed by some passionate groups that coalesce around a common goal or a common cause, suddenly we are not faced with a false and unrealistic black-and-white choice.  Suddenly there are many shades of grey.

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Episode 123 – Melanie Griffin Interview, Part 1
The Changing Face of Environmentalism


Melanie Griffin, a former National Director of the Sierra Club, joins Jeff Lilly in an exclusive interview to share some personal reflections on her experiences working in the environmental movement, exploring the ways that science, technology, the economy and social media has shaped the conversation about ecology and environmentalism over the past few decade, as well as what the future of environmentalism might hold as a new generation grows up with the global warming crisis.

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Episode 101 – Inside/Out


In Episode 101 – Inside/Out, we explore the liminal boundaries between individuals and communities, species and ecosystems, self and other. We take a look at the changing conversation about the role of native and invasive animal and plant species; we ask if nature poetry can help combat climate change; and we delve into two examples of the complex politics of national sovereignty in an age of both globalization and the Gaia hypothesis. In our extension for Pro Members, we take a look at love, life and death in mythology and explore how stories of freedom and responsibility challenge us to live more widely and wildly in the present moment.

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Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live


Enjoy a sneak peek of our new podcast, Faith, Fern & Compass, as we explore nature spirituality in the digital age in Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live. Tonight, we talk about a new approach to the four elements, we share a glimpse into the connection between ecopsychology and global warming, we share some creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, and we delve into the secret lives of bees and how understanding our buzzing friends can help us unlock the mysteries of the human brain and maybe even modern politics! We also have a special treat to wrap up the show — so be sure to stick around.

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Welcome to Faith, Fern & Compass!


Each week, co-hosts Alison Leigh Lilly and Jeff Lilly invite you to join them as they explore the challenges of nature spirituality in the digital age through ecology, art, politics and interfaith conversation. Become part of a growing community of spiritual seekers and creative contemplatives finding guidance in the wellsprings of personal experience, soulful relationship and the dark green tones of earth-centered spiritual practice.