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The Sea in the Skull


Theologians and scientists agree: ritual is good for the human soul. But I don’t like ritual much. It’s probably my Zen upbringing. If ritual is poetry in the realm of acts, then perhaps my poetic-action aesthetic is too used to the haiku or koan: short, unrehearsed, improvised, intentionally subversive. But one thing I do like about ritual is the creation of a sacred space. Rituals tend to start by casting a circle or otherwise setting a boundary in space around the participants — or else they take place within a sacred space that has already been established (like a stone circle or a cathedral). Within that boundary, the normal world and normal time is suspended, set aside; and the cosmos is re-created in miniature, resized to fit the human imagination.

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Episode 115 – Retrospective


We celebrate our return from break with a retrospective, catching up on news from the first half of the season and sharing updates and related stories that have caught our eye in the weeks since. From tree-hugging Pakistanis to intrepid mollusks, a saucy young Scottish princess and a return of the blues-singing cows — not to mention, lots of feedback and stories from listeners and fans. In our Pro extension, we share more stories of solstice celebrations from all around the world, and Ali performs a reading of two of her recently published poems.

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Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live


Enjoy a sneak peek of our new podcast, Faith, Fern & Compass, as we explore nature spirituality in the digital age in Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live. Tonight, we talk about a new approach to the four elements, we share a glimpse into the connection between ecopsychology and global warming, we share some creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, and we delve into the secret lives of bees and how understanding our buzzing friends can help us unlock the mysteries of the human brain and maybe even modern politics! We also have a special treat to wrap up the show — so be sure to stick around.

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