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Episode 212 Pro – The Oracular Spectacular


We look at the Oracle of Delphi — her place in history, archaeology, and the landscape of Greece. What kind of place is Delphi, and how did such an important oracle come to be there? What was the effect of the Oracle on the society and culture of the area, and the source of its spiritual significance? And what was the secret of the Oracle’s prophecies? The confluence of geology and geography were important for the founding and growth of Delphi in ancient Greece, but also essential to unlocking those mysteries in modern times. Finally we examine the competing metaphysics within the history of science, and how attitudes of skepticism and cynicism influence scientific research. Could it be that the various theories and attempts to unravel the mystery over the last hundred years may reveal less about the Oracle than about science and its cultural prejudices?

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The Land’s Religion: Hold Her In Your Heart


We are like a branch grafted onto the wrong tree, an organ transplanted into another body. We’re aliens in our own homes. But we cannot go back where we came from; we’d be aliens there, too. There is nowhere in the world that we really belong. Those of us of European descent who don’t live […]

Episode 119 – If Stones Could Speak


This week, we look at the earth beneath our feet — the landscape and the rocks themselves that form the foundations of our lives. We get intimate with stones and do some earth-shattering geology, we take a look at artists bringing their work back down to earth, and we explore that age-old question of nature versus nurture to discover just how deep environmental influences run. In our Pro extension, we guide our conversation to the inner realms, exploring landscapes of the imagination and the inner world of spirit.

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Episode 118 Pro – Sacred Body, Sacred Biome


We explore the ways that modern technology is wearing away at the boundaries between our bodies and our environment and how embracing our habit-forming instincts can help us craft better lives for ourselves. We also look at the human body as a sacred landscape in its own right, home to a teeming microbiome of bacteria that have helped us survive and adapt for thousands of years.

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