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Episode 108 Pro – Thought and Memory


In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we turn our attention to the mysteries of death, grief, and memory. What does it mean to honor our dead, and how does our relationship with loved ones we have lost shape our connection to the land in which we live? Can we acknowledge our sense of sacred ambivalence, and the tension between holding onto the past and looking forward to the future? We explore our connection with the land through sacrifice and burial traditions; we look again at our relationship with animals and how we experience loss; and we share some personal reflections on the spiritual meaning of grief as a path towards transformation.

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Episode 101 – Inside/Out


In Episode 101 – Inside/Out, we explore the liminal boundaries between individuals and communities, species and ecosystems, self and other. We take a look at the changing conversation about the role of native and invasive animal and plant species; we ask if nature poetry can help combat climate change; and we delve into two examples of the complex politics of national sovereignty in an age of both globalization and the Gaia hypothesis. In our extension for Pro Members, we take a look at love, life and death in mythology and explore how stories of freedom and responsibility challenge us to live more widely and wildly in the present moment.

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