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A Space for Place in Our Lives


Place is about community and change. Some places lead to collective action, either because they allow people to gather and protest together, or because they represent a struggle. When urban planning is done right, it can create opportunities rather than isolation. Public spaces like plazas and parks draw a diverse range of people, giving us opportunities to meet other people in our communities. Planners can involve the whole community in the design of communal places, and when they do, civic participation rises. Ask people to take responsibility for planning community spaces, and we do that in ways that make community more sustainable.

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Episode 218 Pro – Generations, Part 2


We continue our conversation about the cyclical nature of growth and decay in ecology and human society. We wrap up our exploration of Doug Pagitt’s book, Church in the Inventive Age, with an in-depth examination of the Inventive Age and how it’s shaping our ideas, values, aesthetics and tools in powerful new ways. What defines shared sacred space in an age of virtual worlds and virtual lives? How does this new vision of religious organization and leadership lead us to more sustainable, eco-friendly spiritual traditions? And what are some of the potential problems that might arise as a result? Then, we look at the evolving nature of the American Dream and how it shapes the political and social landscape of whole generations.

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Episode 216 Pro – Generations, Part 1


We look at the cyclical nature of growth and decay in ecology and human society. We begin by checking out the salmon who are now returning to the creek a couple of miles from our home here in Seattle — their life cycle, humanity’s role in destroying or restoring their hatching grounds, and what these fish can teach nascent religious communities concerned with sustaining a love of nature from one generation to the next. Then we turn from fish to the fishers of men: Christianity. The church is undergoing massive changes as it struggles to accommodate technological developments and rising environmental consciousness. We look at the theories from the emergent Christian movement, including Phyllis Tickle and Doug Pagitt, who think that larger cycles of social change, which have been at work for thousands of years, are driving the church’s development; and we talk about the implications of those social changes for other religious and spiritual groups, and for society at large.

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Episode 124 Pro – Melanie Griffin Interview, Part 2
Green Spirituality


It’s the Season One Finale of Faith, Fern & Compass! Join us for the second part of our exclusive two-part interview with Melanie Griffin, a former National Director of the Sierra Club, as she explores the role that her faith has played in her environmental work and how green spirituality is changing the shape of the conversation about the relationship between science and religion, environmentalism and politics.

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Episode 116 Pro – War & Peace


We look at an innocent casualty of war that is often overlooked as we explore the ecological impact of human warfare throughout history, the environmental cost of maintaining military might, and why the instability and insecurity brought about by global warming is encouraging more and more military leaders to start thinking green. We share a few laughs about an epic pillow fight that can teach us a few gentle lessons about real-world conflict, and we settle into the still center of peace within ourselves with a closing meditation on cultivating peace in the Celtic tradition.

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Episode 101 – Inside/Out


In Episode 101 – Inside/Out, we explore the liminal boundaries between individuals and communities, species and ecosystems, self and other. We take a look at the changing conversation about the role of native and invasive animal and plant species; we ask if nature poetry can help combat climate change; and we delve into two examples of the complex politics of national sovereignty in an age of both globalization and the Gaia hypothesis. In our extension for Pro Members, we take a look at love, life and death in mythology and explore how stories of freedom and responsibility challenge us to live more widely and wildly in the present moment.

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Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live


Enjoy a sneak peek of our new podcast, Faith, Fern & Compass, as we explore nature spirituality in the digital age in Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live. Tonight, we talk about a new approach to the four elements, we share a glimpse into the connection between ecopsychology and global warming, we share some creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, and we delve into the secret lives of bees and how understanding our buzzing friends can help us unlock the mysteries of the human brain and maybe even modern politics! We also have a special treat to wrap up the show — so be sure to stick around.

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