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Episode 114 Pro – Solstice Celebration


Jeff and Ali return from mid-season break to share stories of solstice celebration and fun! We tell the sun-drenched tale of our first ritual here in the Seattle area, hosted in a shady oaken grove by a delightful gathering of local Druids, we explore the fiery legends of sun and solstice throughout the cultures of the world, and we sit down with a special guest, fellow Druid Scott Schumacher (of Northern Druid Podcast) for our very first interview here on FF&C!

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Episode 102 Pro – Elementals of Style


In Episode 102 Pro – Elementals of Style, we explore the role of the elements in religious and philosophical traditions from all over the world. From the periodic table of modern science to the three Cauldrons of Poesy in Celtic tradition, the four classic elements of ancient Greece and the innovative 8-circuit model — understanding how we organize the world around us can give us a glimpse into the complexity and subtlety of our own inner worlds. How can we craft a personal approach to the elements that gives us a useful map for the spiritual life and helps us reconnect with the natural world around us? We talk about how others have answered that question and share some of our own insights as well.

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