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Episode 206 Pro – Space, Place and Sacred Paradox


We explore the paradox of sacred space and our relationship with holiness through the places that we set aside for reverence and usefulness. Drawing on parallels with art and the philosophy of aesthetics, we delve into the process of “framing” as a way of highlighting the spiritual aspects of the ordinary world around us. What does it mean to say that “everything is sacred”? How does our relationship change when we transform space into place? We look at the profound ways that our pattern-seeking brains shape our understanding of sacred space in religious and secular ritual.

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Preseason Episode 3 – Happy (Belated) Earth Day!


Welcome to our last Sneak Peek Pro episode of the preseason here at Faith, Fern & Compass, where every day is Earth Day. In Episode 3 – Happy (Belated) Earth Day!, we celebrate the Earth as our mother and our home, taking a look back at the origins of the holiday and how it’s evolved over the past 42 years from a national teach-in to a global call to community action. We review DisneyNature’s recent documentary, Chimpanzee, and explore some of the ways that individual ecological awareness finds mutual support in community action and system change. In the Pro extension, we share a few of the ways that we celebrate Earth Day as a spiritual holiday of sacred connection with our beautiful, fragile planet.

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