Episode 213 – Weird, Wild World


In Episode 213 – Weird, Wild World, we look at some of the weirdest things in our wild, wonderful world, from the singing fish of Seattle to the fractal cats of imaginary mathematical space. First we check out an African shrub with berries that sparkle like ornaments: how could a Christmas tree evolve in the wild? Then we explore the strangely fuzzy boundary between plants and animals: bugs that use sunlight to create energy, salamanders that use photosynthesis, and sea slugs that look and act remarkably like leaves. Our parade of weirdness continues with birds that are hooked on ant baths, triple-gendered singing toadfish, the ultrasonic songs of mice, LOLcats that improve productivity, Julia’s infinite mathematical cats, and — now it can be revealed! The astounding truth about dog people vs. cat people. Finally, in our Pro Extension, we check out a real-life Jedi master, the Buddha from Space, exotic exoplanets, and the stunning beauty of the world’s largest mirror.



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Music Credits:

  • Opening and closing theme: “Dragonfly” by Brian Boyko
  • “That Spells DNA” and “The Mandelbrot Set,” by Jonathan Coulton

Art Credits:

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA License.

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