Episode 210 Pro – Steampunk Magic


In Episode 210 Pro – Steampunk Magic, we look at the spiritual dimension of steampunk: a genre and aesthetic inspired by Victorian-era technology and social struggles. Steampunk’s rivets, boilers, clockwork, dirigibles, and gleaming brass-and-mahogany automatons inspire us to look again at our relationship with technology, while its deliberate subversion of Victorian attitudes towards women and empire provoke us to turn a critical eye on our own modern prejudices. We also discuss steampunk’s dangerous flirtation with cultural appropriation, even as it works to redress the legacy of European colonialism in a healthy and respectful way. Then Jeff leads us on his own journey into a steampunk-inspired inner landscape using the Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell, in which he works to deal with the stresses and conflicts arising from moving across the country to work on technologies that are breaking down the barriers between mind and machine.

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4 Responses to “Episode 210 Pro – Steampunk Magic”

  1. KayeMacArthur says:

    I think I have listened to this episode about three times now – possibly more. Jeff, your descriptions of this steampunk landscape you explored at the beginning of the year are beautiful, and I’m inspired by your own explorations to delve into my own inner landscape more, a place I have not explored very frequently but would like to. So thank you for that.

  2. Jeff Lilly says:

    Thanks, Kaye! These explorations have been by far my greatest source of spiritual growth and strength. Please let me know how your explorations go! :-)

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